All City Warranty & Policy Info


All warranty issues are dealt with on a case by case basis. Warranty does not cover labor, towing, loss of income or rental car costs.All City engines warranties the part to the original purchaser of the part(s), protecting them from defects in workmanship and material when properly installed. All City does not warranty shipping cost although some exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. Warranty is good under “Normal Use” & service for the period of time and distance listed on the invoice, unless otherwise noted. “Normal Use” is defined as daily operation with regular maintenance. Things that fall outside of Normal Use, which will void the warranty, include (but are not limited to): -Racing of any sort -Over rev (purposely red-lining the engine)-Over heating, whether intentional or not-Improper Installation-Running without proper fluids-Lack of regular maintenance, including regular changing of fluids-Any modifications to the engineTerms:

In the unlikely event there is a problem with any part purchased, All City reserves the right to either to repair or replace the defective unit only. All used engines are sold as LONG BLOCKS only. No warranty is covered on any attached accessories. Parts such as intake or exhaust manifolds, carburetor, distributor, fuel system, alternator, starter, water pump, thermostat, clutch, flywheel, timing belt of belt driven engines, electrical sensors or electrical components. APPEARANCE OF USED ENGINES IS NOT WARRANTIED.To get the maximum life out of your used engine AND to validate your Warranty, all service receipts during the warranty period must be kept (no exceptions):

1. Although infrequent, issues our customers have do sometimes arise based on improper installation. Installation must be completed by either the purchaser or an ASE certified mechanic at a licensed facility.

2. All engines must be installed within 30 days of receipt otherwise the warranty is invalid.

3. All belt-driving engines are required to install a new timing belt and set the right timing before installation is done. Keep receipt for timing belt.

4. Replace oil and filter. Change oil after first 500 miles then every 3000. Keep all oil change receipts and records. Failure to do so will void the warranty. Replace all tune-up items (spark plugs, fuel and air filter). Check and adjust valves and timing to factory settings.

5. Thermostat and Water pump must be replaced. Keep receipts. Fuel lines need to be checked for debris and flow. Pick-up screen to oil pump must be replaced or cleaned. Check radiator completely. OVERHEATING, FOR ANY REASON, INVALIDATES WARRANTY.

6. Prime lubrication system to avoid dry start. Manually turn over engine crankshaft several times before installing.

7. Installer must replace the rear main seal; inspect all other seals and gaskets prior to installing the engine. Replace if necessary. Important Notes A) All warranties are null and void if engine is installed in anything other than original application. Any cancellations must be done within 30 days of order and will be charged a 40% percent restocking fee as well as freight charges. Returns that have been delivered/shipped are subject to approval & may require customer to arrange & pay for return shipping.

B) When your part arrives inspect it COMPLETELY for any damage incurred during shipping. Any and all damage must be noted on the delivery ticket before the driver leaves.

C) Customer is required to keep accurate records and RECEIPTS of all above requirements.

D) If any legal claim arises concerning the above conditions both parties agree that the State and County for meeting to be in Monroe County, NY.

E) All City reserves the right to refuse a refund if we feel customer is not acting a truthful manner regarding the details of the issue(s).


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All New & rebuilt parts come with a min 1 yr 12k mile warranty. Extended warranties avail

Typical Engine & Transmission orders may take 7-10 business days depending on your location although some exceptions do apply included but not limited to customer/ repair shop location as well as part availability & prior shipping arrangements. 


ALL CITY ENGINES Guarantees all parts to be in good working condition.